Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee & Exchange Privilege

Wuerch Properties understands that some individuals may wish to purchase a parcel sight unseen (without a personal site inspection first) because of time frame restraints and distances involved. For this reason, Wuerch Properties guarantees the following:

  • All the descriptive information concerning a property is 100% accurate.

  • All property photographs can be verified when we take you on your personal inspection of the property

  • All contour map information is 100% accurate and can be verified with the Department of Energy, Mines & Resources Canada.

  • All Crown Land Management maps are 100% accurate and can be verified with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

In other words, we say exactly what is there and provide realistic descriptions! When we say the road access is accessible year round, we mean it is accessible anytime of the year with a 2 wheel drive car. It doesn’t do Wuerch Properties or the purchaser any good if we provide our clients with information that is not accurate or misleading.

Property Reversal

If a purchase is made site unseen and upon the new owners personal inspection of the property an error in the description was made, Wuerch Properties will return all funds associated with the purchase and the deal becomes null and void. Wuerch Properties has never had the occasion to implement this policy in 10 years.

Property Exchanges

After purchasing a property from us you may inevitably see another parcel that you wish to buy. If you only wish to own one property, we will buy your old property back for the same amount we sold it to you. This is providing the property is in the same (or improved) condition as when you purchased it. The new property must be of the same (or greater) value and the purchaser is responsible for all legal costs for the exchange.